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We are a martial art, not a sport, hence we accord it due respect. Students are expected to observe certain rules of courtesy and good behaviour. We teach in a traditional, sincere, friendly and safe manner, with constant regard for practical considerations. We successfully balance traditional aesthetics with practical requirements. We do not force our students to do try everything all at once but will always encourage them to have a go. It all takes time, effort, continuous and conscientious practice whilst at the same time being determined, aware of the individual limitations and potential.

The formalised approach to our teachings is aided through use of the system syllabus. Whilst we believe that a student must decide upon themselves the rate at which they excel, by having a syllabus our students have some targets to work towards.

Grading examinations are held every 3 months, though whether or not you go for grading is down to your hard work and the progress you have made. Belts are issued as formal indication of level. Our teaching system equips students with a solid grounding in the practice of martial arts and this can lead to a number of specialisations. However, learning mere moves is not the main objective, as true martial arts help you develop your spiritual dimension, improving both your confidence and humility.

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