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One of the styles in the rich and vast panoply of Chinese Martial Arts. Gao Can Mun Nam Pai Chuan is a very broad style, incorporating all elements of true martial arts. Thus our System embodies many techniques: kicking, punching, locking (chin-na), take-downs, throws, nerve points, etc. In tandem with each other. This approach may not appeal to some, but we believe that you cannot hope to know which aspect of martial arts you wish to specialise in until you have a firm grounding in the general broad-based theory and practice of it.

Being a broad System, we are able to encompass many elements which could be termed as 'styles' in their own right. We have a very rich weapons heritage, with the 18 traditional weapons taught in the System. In addition to this, we have styles based upon the various animal forms prevalent in Chinese martial arts, such as the Leopard Crane and Snake forms, to name but a few. Having said that we are more than just a physical manifestation of martial arts. Breathing exercises (chigung) play an important role within our system, helping with internal conditioning through control of the body's chi.

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