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Sigung (Grand Master) Christopher Lai

Master Lai, 2nd chamber 50th generation of Shaolin has studied Martial Arts since 1959 and in particular Shaolin Kung Fu from 1967. In those years, training was intense in the traditional manner and was undertaken on a daily basis, often twice a day. In addition to Shaolin Kung Fu, Master Lai also trained, in the 1970’s with Master Leow Cheng Koon, who was the head of the Taekwondo Federation, (WTF). Master Lai decided to emigrate to United Kingdom (UK), where he had undertaken his legal education. Since Martial Arts was part of his life, he felt the need to bring his school with him. Prior to his departure, Grandmaster Quek gave his permission for Master Lai to teach the Shaolin System Nam Pai Chuan when he came to the UK.

The first ever Martial Arts of this form to be taught in Europe was taught in Swiss Cottage, London. Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan became a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), the national governing body for Chinese Martial Arts in UK.

Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan has grown and progressed smoothly with classes in many cities in UK and abroad. On the 20th July 2009, Grandmaster Quek made Master Lai his system successor. In honour of his teachers request, Master Lai renamed his school to "Shaolin Gao Can Mun Nam Pai Chuan". Today Shaolin Gao Can Mun Nam Pai Chuan has finally become of age and is being taught in the sincere and dedicated manner as seen by Master Lai and his predecessors. 

Sigung Christopher Lai: Courses
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