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Beginners are very welcome but we understand that your first class can be a little intimidating, so here is a little of what to expect at your first class and what to wear and bring with you.

To Wear/Bring

  • Please wear a plain T-Shirt and loose pants (to allow freedom of movement).

  • For safety please ensure all jewellery is removed before class.

  • It is also advisable to bring some water and a hand towel.

Attitude In Class

  • Have fun, there is lots to learn and all student's learn from each other. We don't expect you to get everything straight away.

  • Please be respectful to each other; listen to instructions, sit to allow others to see, hold pads for your training partner like they hold them for you.

  • We encourage you to work hard and push yourself, but also to work to your own abilities. You will get back what you put in.

A Typical Class

As a broad style of kung fu our classes will vary a lot in content, but a typical class will look something like this:

  • A warm up, including cardio, dynamic stretching, strength and balance work. Work to your own ability.

  • Striking technique practice including kicks and punches. We mix using pads, heavy pads and shadow strikes 

  • Traditional training sequences, two person or individual forms.

  • Sparring drills to develop timing, distancing and movement

  • Qi Gong practice which looks at breathing and movement.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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